ion, July 23, 2009. Aimagang Townshi

d stay for another termAs one of the first batch of Beijing鈥檚 college gra▓duate village officials, Wang came to Sanj▓ie Village, Kangzhuang Town, in 2006. During the past t▓hree yea

Work 01

p has been famous for g▓rowing potato

rs Wang transformed from a ▓law graduate into a sweet potato expert. Retaining hi▓s post as a village official upon expiration of his term, Wang made up his mind to car

Work 02

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ry on ▓the cause of promoting colorful sweet potatoes.Scolding nearly made Wang quitWang is from a peasant family of Miyun County. "I was born and rai▓sed in the

Work 03

of attaining prosperity for▓ local peo

countryside," Wang said. He believ▓ed that he is a rural boy and therefore capable of adapting to rural work more quickly than other college graduate village officia

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ple. Cultivated area for potatoes in

ls from cities. However, he s▓oon discovered that he had been over-confident.Wang ▓served as the assistant to the Village Chief,

this town reached 37,400 mu (2493

a▓nd the Village Chief was his direct superior. "He had▓ a tall, thin figure, big eyes and bus▓h

.33 hectares) i▓n 2008, accounting fo

y eyebrows, and a mustache; he looked intimidating. Then, a thought flashed across my mind: I am done,▓ as I ha

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ve come across a rude man." As things turned out, the greater his worries, the more likely they were to become a reality. The Village Chief scolded Wang merciles▓sly for every mishap he made, talking obs▓cenities without caring about his feelings. Sometimes Wang felt so wronged that tears were welling▓ up in his eyes. "I did want to quit."After some ti▓me, however, Wang began to realize that his su▓perior harbored a soft core under a hard shell, def▓

ending his deputy in front of impatient villagers and even praising him highly in front of m▓unicipal officials who came to the village to inspect on college graduate village officials. "Wang He did help us a lot. The boy i▓s very capable and gave us a lot of assistance in the village," said the Village Chief, adding that being str▓ict with Wang did not mean that he

(983.80 milli on U.S. dollars) for ▓local farmers . (Xinhua Ph oto) Profile: Wan▓g HeAssi stant to Villa ge Chief in Sanj ie Village, Kang zhuang Town, Yanqing Count yHe graduated from the Dep artment of P olitical Science and L aw at Beijin g University of Agriculture.Af ter graduation , he served as village official an 祁东县wap 乌海市wap 黑水县wap 息烽县5G 长治县5G 枝江市5G 儋州市5G 太谷县wap 綦江县wap 阳朔县5G 丰台区5G 九龙县wap 南丰县5G 岢岚县wap 东至县5G 桂东县5G 山阴县wap 吴川市wap 缙云县5G 广汉市wap 传奇私服攻沙时间 妖神传传奇私服 传奇私服外挂视频教程 玩传奇私服下载什么客户端 手机传奇私服 新开单职业变态传奇私服 迷失版单职业传奇私服 传奇私服收费pk挂 传奇私服开服列表 2017仿盛大传奇私服